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Students auditioning for Piano could possibly be placed in the Piano II class depending on level of musical skills.  

Placement will be based on applicant’s level of understanding, skill, and interest level. 

Students with experience on the piano will be asked to:

  • Perform a prepared solo demonstrating ability level. If you need assistance with finding a solo, please e-mail Rebecca Jones at
    • Something from a method book (such as Piano Adventures) is acceptable.
  • Perform a short sight-reading example after being given a short time to quietly review it. 
  • Take a music theory quiz to show understanding of musical symbols, vocabulary, and reading skills.
  • Answer questions about his/her musical experience in an interview with Ms. Jones.

Prior experience in piano is encouraged but not required for Piano I. If the student has not played a piano before but wants to be in Piano class, please send me an email at  I will gladly accept him/her into the Piano I class as long as there is a willingness to learn! If the student is a true beginner (has no experience playing the instrument), an interview will be scheduled in lieu of an audition.

The beginner student will be asked to:

  • explain why he/she wants to learn to play piano
  • take a beginner-level music theory quiz to show what is remembered from elementary music classes
  • explain why he/she wants to be a part of the Academy at Southside Middle School
  • describe any meaningful music experiences (school-related or not)