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The student will perform a monologue provided by the Drama Department.

  • There are two choices for female monologue and two for male monologue (at the bottom of the page). The student should choose the monologue they feel most comfortable performing. The monologues and scoring rubric may be picked up from the main office at Southside Middle School and may also be downloaded and printed from the school’s website.
  • The student should provide a brief creative introduction that includes the author, title, and theme of the piece.
  • The monologue should be memorized. No makeup or costumes are permitted.
  • A chair and a small table will be provided but students must provide their own hand props.
  • An interview with the judges will follow the performance. Contact Gloria Turner at if you have questions.

Female Monologue 1: Stepsister

Female Monologue 2: Ellen

Male Monologue 1: Genie

Male Monologue 2: Wolf

Drama Monologue Rubric